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The picturesque countryside of Decatur County hosts a variety of county and state parks, game preserves, lakes, recreational trails and historic sites.

Nine Eagles State Park
Rugged wooded hills and valleys abundant with oak trees make Nine Eagles one of southern Iowa’s most scenic parks. The park has trees which are more than 300 years old. Visitors enjoy six miles of bridle and nine miles of hiking trails, swimming at the sandy beach, pleasant camping areas and shaded picnic spots with tables and fireplaces scattered throughout the 1,100-acre park.

Little River Lake
Little River Recreation Area is a 2,200 acre area jointly managed by the Decatur County Conservation and the Iowa DNR. The area offers the 787 acre Little River Lake as well as rental cabins, campground, beach and multiple playgrounds. For more information on Little River Lake please visit

Slip Bluff Park
Slip Bluff is a 300 acre park offering a 16 acre lake, over 2 miles of hiking trails, campground, park and picnic facilities. The park is covered with beautiful hardwood timber that provides many spectacular natural sights throughout the year. Please visit the following site for more information,

Liberty Hall
Liberty Hall is located in Lamoni. This Victorian style, three-story house was once the home of Joseph Smith the III and the headquarters for the Community of Christ Church. Tours are welcome weekly.

Bike Trails
There are two bike trials located in Decatur County. The Leon Bike Trail extends along the west side of the town, stretching from the Rodeo Grounds to the Leon Cemetery. The Lamoni Bike Trail begins at Liberty Hall, swings through the country side and into town, and then finishes on the east edge of Lamoni. Its total length is approximately 6 miles.


Little River Motel Inn
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Main Street Motel
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Super 8
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Chief Lamoni Motel
2010 E Main St,
Lamoni, IA 50140
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Maple Street Bed & Breakfast
218 N. Maple St.
Lamoni, IA 50140
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